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Tri-Blade Innovations was founded in 2008 and is based in Welkom in the province of the Free State in South Africa.

Tri-Blade Innovations initially started manufacturing the Titan Monolithic bullet with the same conventional design as all other current and past monolithic bullets were been made.

The company was just starting to market the Titan bullet when it was served with a patent infringement by another bullet manufacturer in South Africa.  Tri-Blade Innovations immediately halted manufacturing their bullet and instructed a patent lawyer company to investigate the legitimacy of the claimant of the patent.

While the investigation into the patent legitimacy was underway, the Titan bullet designers decided that they had to find another approach to bullet design.  It was decided to move forward in a positive way in bullet design and manufacture. The challenge was to try and change bullet design for the future as not much innovation had really taken place in the basic design of bullets worldwide for the last 105 years.

Many months of brainstorming, thinking outside the box and endless testing started until Tri-Blade Innovations were satisfied with the totally unique design of the Titan bullet. Numerous tests were conducted in the hunting field, bench and technical data collected showing a definite improvement in all aspects of the Titan bullet design when compared to the initial product on the market.

In the meantime, the result of the patent infringement investigation was released to Tri-Blade Innovation and the conclusion was that the patent infringement did not hold any foundation and that Tri-Blade Innovation could continue manufacturing the initial bullet they had made. However, by this time, the Titan bullet had evolved into a much better design and it was decided to continue with the improved version.

Tri-Blade then applied for a legitimate patent and after an authentic product search was conducted, the company was awarded a legitimate South African patent which can be defended in court.  Tri-Blade Innovations also has an application for an international patent.  This is the reason why it took some time to make the Titan monolithic bullet available on the market.