Who Am I?

I’m a highly skilled creative professional with over two decades of extensive experience and practical knowledge in the publication, graphics,
and marketing industries.

A sampling of my experience includes 10 years directing the production of Franklin Day Planner publications and catalogs, Art Director for a regional theatrical playbill in New England and Marketing Director for an International apparel designer/manufacturer. In recent years I have expanded my capabilities through supporting multiple organizations in the technology and manufacturing trades. I currently operate my own business as a private creative consultant providing marketing consulting, graphic design and production services to a wide variety of businesses in many diverse industries.

– Adobe Acrobat
– Adobe Dreamweaver
– Adobe InDesign
– Adobe Illustrator
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Premiere Pro
– Quark Express
– Microsoft Office
– QuickBooks


– Catalog Management
– Packaging Design
– Photo Retouching
– Social Media Coordination
– Team Management
– Website Design/Development

  • Creative Consultant
    02/1997-Present | GrafixSolutions
  • Marketing Mgr.
    6/2008-11/2010 | Mia Solano, Inc.
  • Sr. Designer/Catalog Mgr.
    10/2003-06/2005 | The Lyon Company
  • Sr. Graphic Designer/Branding Mgr.
    02/1998-10/2001 | Parametric Technology Corporation
  • Art Director/Production Mgr.
    10/1996-12/1997 | Infocus Publications
  • Art Direction/Production Mgr.
    10/1987-09/1996 | Franklin Quest Company
I believe that a good creative approach means nothing if it doesn’t meet the corporate needs. Great looking designs don’t serve much purpose if they can’t be produced. I strive to provide a cost-effective, streamlined approach to analytics, conceptualization, design and the production process necessary to create a corporate presence. Whether my client needs a new corporate identity or a new widget for their product line, we can build a strategic plan so they can make educated choices throughout the process.

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